Who is Dexter Wee ?

Dexter is an award winning leader in the Digital Health space working with industry leading teams in the Digital Marketing space to translate digital technology into real world improvements in health of its customers.

He helps companies such as HPB, Dimension Data, Computer Associates and IBM to grow their business and is the co-founder of the Szukini Blog & the Digitalhealth

My Mission

My mission is to apply ivory tower technology into practical use. Recent examples are the creation of the National Health Portal in Singapore, The upcoming Pre-diabetes and Pregnancy Digital Health Journeys.

My Life Story

Born in Singapore, a very small country just 720 sq km,  I found myself a citizen of the world, travelling and living in multiple countries as a result of my dad’s work.

A streak of independence and resilience grew from the constant need to move from country to country every few years. At each move, you learned to be adaptable to new cultures, learn new languages, and make new friends every few years, or risk becoming isolated and friendless.

Corporate Life

When I signed up for a Business Degree at University, I had envisioned a future as an accountant, which led to the discovery I had no talent in accounting. Simultaneously, the field of technology and me bonded like siamese twins resulting in a happy meeting of business needs and personal interest as a programmer. Which led to a part time job programming for the University. the rest is history.


I feel pretty good, about contributing to improvement of health and the reduction of sickness and disease, by building National Digital Health systems (HealthHub) to improve the health of the ‘Well & At-Risk” segments of the population of Singapore. Combined with Digital Technology and Content Marketing, Digital Health its a potent force for change.

I am a believer, because i personally have experienced a fantastic improvement in Health when i lost 12 kg in 6 months, by the simple adoption of this technology.

Digital Health Initiatives

I thoroughly enjoy starting new initiatives such as Digital Health, and have been blessed to be part of many titan sized programs and is in the middle of many more to come which addresses different Target Audiences such as pregnancy, child health , the War on Diabetes, etc. more coming up. Stay Tuned.


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Best of Luck. 🙂